Organic Corn Chips

The only Australian made corn chip range that’s certified organic and 100% gluten free. Starting with whole grains of sun ripened organically grown corn, we slowly cook it over many hours. It’s a careful process that requires regular stirring by hand. When ready, we gently wash the corn and then stone-grind it using special volcanic stones. Next, under the watchful eye of our chief chip craftsman, the corn is rolled to the perfect thickness to ensure a
light and crisp corn chip. Using our purpose built, three pass oven, the chips are gradually cooked to produce a finely toasted corn chip – full of character that only triple baked chips can deliver. We then cook them in non-hydrogenated, expeller pressed, organic oil that has been extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents. After cooking the chips, we carefully add our natural flavourings to ensure the perfect balance between chip and flavour.

Thomas Chipman® Lightly Salted Original Corn Chips

My proudest moment – the creation
of the first certified organic,
100% gluten free corn chip
made in Australia.
Big on flavour and
light on salt.  You can
taste the difference.
Available in a 230g pack.

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Thomas Chipman® Splendid Cheese Corn Chips

At last a great tasting cheese flavoured
corn chip without artificial colours
or artificial flavours.
The taste is simply splendid.
Try this extraordinary
chip for yourself.
Available in a 230g pack.

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Thomas Chipman® Ancient Grains Corn Chips

A truly remarkable corn chip with a taste like no other.
A deliciously satisfying treat, made from 100%
Australian corn blended with a mix of ancient grains
and seeds, comprising
chia seed, linseed,
brown rice
and quinoa.
Available in a 200g pack.

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