Organic Corn Chips

The only Australian made corn chip range that’s certified organic and 100% gluten free. Starting with whole grains of sun ripened organically grown corn, we slowly cook it over many hours. It’s a careful process that requires regular stirring by hand. When ready, we gently wash the corn and then stone-grind it using special volcanic stones. Next, under the watchful eye of our chief chip craftsman, the corn is rolled to the perfect thickness to ensure a
light and crisp corn chip. Using our purpose built, three pass oven, the chips are gradually cooked to produce a finely toasted corn chip – full of character that only triple baked chips can deliver. We then cook them in non-hydrogenated, expeller pressed, organic oil that has been extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents. After cooking the chips, we carefully add our natural flavourings to ensure the perfect balance between chip and flavour.

Thomas Chipman® Carrot & Flaxseed Corn Chips

A simply superb union of the subtle sweetness of carrot and superfood flaxseed, exquisitely crafted into a delectable corn chip, that exudes good health & taste.  Available in a 200g pack.

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Thomas Chipman® Kale & Spirulina Corn Chips

A veritable vessel of superlative superfoods, one can’t look past the Kale & Spirulina corn chip for a more chipper snack of the savoury kind.  Available in a 200g pack.

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Thomas Chipman® Blue Corn & Quinoa Corn Chips

The bringing together of corn that is blue and quinoa that is of superfood status to create an amazing chip that is as visually stunning as it is tasty is a testament to the pure artistry the world has come to expect from its favourite  chip man. Available in a 200g pack.

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