Happy Being The Chipper

In bygone days, one who was happy and lively was often said to be “chipper”.  However, it may well be that this old time expression can be attributed to an exuberant Thomas Chipman.

Having perfected the traditional way of making tasty, all natural corn chips, young Thomas turned his attention to mastering the art of producing the finest potato chip.  As with his famous corn chips, he selected only premium quality ingredients.  Using organic potatoes, he left the skins on and sliced them thick to ensure a flavoursome treat.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before he had created the now legendary Thomas Chipman Organic Potato Chip.  Of course, he was extremely happy with the result. So too were the local folk who enjoyed his chips. They were said to be as happy as the “chipper”. In time, they were simply said to be “chipper”.

Today, Thomas Chipman Potato Chips are still making people happy, that’s because we’re still making our chips the old fashioned way.



Another Ripper From The Chipper

A chip made from beetroot!  How absurd.  What could young Thomas Chipman possibly have been thinking?  One can only speculate as to why a man, best known for his first rate organic potato chips and finest quality corn chips, would come up with such a wild notion.  Did he really think that as the master of chip-making he could simply take any vegetable and turn it into a chip?

Fancy choosing the humble beetroot, once favoured for its leafy top yet now enjoyed for its deep-red tuberous root, and turning it into a chip.

Well he did.  And a darn fine chip it is.  Thinly sliced, gently cooked and then lightly salted – eating just one chip will never be enough.

Thomas Chipman has truly taken the art of chip-making to a whole new level.

Stories abound as to why the inventive Thomas was driven to expand his already popular range of tasty organic chips.  Be it a moment of madness or a stroke of genius, we may never know the real inspiration behind this delectable chip.

However, there is one thing of which we can be certain.  Thomas Chipman has again created a remarkable chip for our eating pleasure – the Thomas Chipman Organic Beetroot Chip.