The Great Parsnip Rebellion

Whilst Thomas Chipman may be best known as the maker of delicious organic chips, legend has it he was also somewhat of a rebel.

For centuries, the parsnip had reigned supreme across Europe. With its distinctive earthy taste and nutty, sweet flavour, this tapered root was clearly the favoured vegetable.  However, all that changed with the discovery of the New World and the introduction of the humble potato.

Over time, the popularity of the parsnip soon faded.

In an attempt to restore the vegetable to its rightful place, a small group of loyal supporters banded together to form “Friends of the Parsnip”.  Nevertheless, it

wasn’t until some years later, when a young chipmaker by the name of Thomas Chipman joined their cause, that people really started to take notice.

Not one to play favourites (he liked any vegetable that could be made into a chip), Thomas quickly became a strong defender of the neglected parsnip and was a key figure in the uprising, now known as the Great Parsnip Rebellion of 1832.

Alas, it was all to no avail and to this day, the potato still dominates.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now is the time for us all to rise up and unite.   Do your bit for the unappreciated parsnip and enjoy a delectable Thomas Chipman Organic Parsnip Chip today.


Four times the pleasure

Well, it’s easy to assume Thomas Chipman didn’t have to dig too deep to come up with this creative chip idea (no pun intended).  Really, how difficult could it possibly be?  Mixed Root Chips.

The answer is seemingly obvious.  Everyone was already enjoying his remarkable Organic Beetroot Chips and they simply loved his scrumptious Organic Sweet Potato Chips.  So it stands to reason, the clever Thomas has thought if two root vegetable chips alone can be this popular, then imagine how successful I’d be with four root vegetable chips together.  Just add Organic Carrot Chips and Organic Parsnip Chips, put all four chips in one bag and the job is done!

But local rumour suggests otherwise. For if, as they say, “necessity” is the mother of invention, then in this case, the father must surely be “enjoyment”.

A known lover of a good traditional Sunday roast, it is said Thomas Chipman relished the hearty taste of the mixed root combination served with his meal.  For him, it was always about the flavour and the pleasure he derived from eating something he truly enjoyed.

So perhaps, there never was a real need to invent another chip offering.  Instead, it was just an insatiable appetite for something more delicious – Thomas Chipman Organic Mixed Root Chips.