Potato Chips

The first certified organic and certified gluten free potato chip made in Australia.
Using only premium quality
ingredients, my Thomas Chipman® Organic Potato Chips are made the old fashioned way, with the skins on and sliced thick for extra flavour.

Thomas Chipman® Sweet Chilli Salsa Potato Chips

If perhaps you care for just a soupçon of sweetness served up against a spicy kick, my Sweet Chilli Salsa will certainly satisfy your craving every time.  Available in a 100g pack.

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Thomas Chipman® Unsalted Potato Chips

Bare and unabashed, potato chips of the unsalted kind aren’t for everyone, but for anyone that prefers their chip denuded, you’ll love my Unsalted Potato Chips.  Available in a 100g pack.

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