Questions often asked

Any other health benefits of palm olein oil?

Palm oil contains no trans fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants.  It increases the ‘good’ HDL, compared to other saturated oils, such as coconut oil.

Is palm olein oil sustainable?

We only use RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Olein Oil for all Thomas Chipman products.  Palm oil is one of the most used food ingredients in the world today.  Aside from being the top selling vegetable oil, it’s now used in almost half of all packaged food products.  Oil palm fruits are highly efficient, year-round producers of oil, so their cultivation requires far less land than that of any other oil-producing crop. For example, one hectare planted with oil palms can yield up to six tonnes of oil per year. That’s up to 10 times more oil per hectare than soybean, rapeseed or sunflower. This means to produce the same quantity of oil, oil palm requires less land area and less energy. Whilst oil palm is a more sustainable source of vegetable oil than other oil crops, there is a concern that the increasing demand may lead to a rapid and ill-managed expansion which could have serious environmental and social consequences.  Expansion by indiscriminate deforestation would have a drastic effect on endangered animal species such as the orang-utan, rhinoceros, elephant and tiger. New plantations could give rise to social conflicts with local communities being displaced from their land without agreement or compensation. And the global drive to reduce the use of fossil fuels in favour of biofuels, may lead to competing uses of vegetable oil for both food and fuel. In turn, this would have the potential to drive up agricultural commodity prices and encourage farmers to replace low earning food crops with biofuel crops, which could eventually lead to higher food prices and food shortages for the poor.

Since 2003, about half of the world’s palm oil growers and processors, together with retailers and leading environmental and social NGOs such as WWF and Oxfam International, have come together to form the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  The principal objective of the RSPO is “to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through co-operation within the supply chain and open dialogue between its stakeholders.” Their global guidelines for producing palm oil sustainably have been described as the world’s toughest standards for sustainable agriculture production and have been variously adapted for other crops. The RSPO Certification is your seal of approval that the palm oil used in our products has been produced in accordance with the stringent guidelines and that the volumes are traceable.

Is palm olein oil friendly to the environment?

All Thomas Chipman products only use Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Olein Oil.  The Rainforest Alliance certification is built on the three pillars of sustainability – environmental protection, social equity and economic viability and is designed to help farmers succeed in all three areas.  Based on the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standard, a comprehensive set of criteria developed by a coalition of locally based NGOs, the certification is coordinated by the Rainforest Alliance.  The Rainforest Alliance certification requires reforestation with native tree species, the conservation of forestland and a diversity of tree species on farms.  It mandates strong protections for rainforests and other ecosystems.  The certification also places a strong emphasis on ensuring good conditions for workers – requiring the payment of benefits, good housing, safe conditions, proper training and so on.  Moreover, Rainforest Alliance certification auditors are not just consultants who run through a checklist; they comprise expert agronomists, social scientists, biologists, foresters and specialists in a host of areas, with lifetimes of pertinent experience to share.

Why is using non hydrogenated oil important?

Naturally semi-solid at room temperature, palm oil does not require hydrogenation, a process that utilises the addition of hydrogen and increases the level of saturated fats.  Our oil is also expeller pressed which simply means the oil has been squeezed by an expeller machine until all the oil has been pressed from the fruit.  No chemicals, no additives and preservatives, just 100% pure oil.